Dental Bridges in Sevierville TNDental bridges do a fantastic job of replacing a lost tooth. They provide that much needed aesthetics and prevent the remaining teeth from shifting while restoring the overall functionality of the mouth. Dental bridges complete your smile with stable, durable, natural-looking tooth replacements; they’re very dependable means of closing a gap or getting a missing tooth replaced.

But what happens next? Now that you have dental bridges, how do you care for them? Popular Sevierville dentist, Dr. David Trotter, reveals the proper ways to care for dental bridges. Follow these tips to help you keep your bridges strong and secure for many years.

Brush and Floss your Teeth

Ideally, brushing must be done after every meal to prevent the buildup of plaque on your teeth. However, many of us are unable to follow this advice because of work, chores and many other factors. The hustle and bustle of daily living keeps us from brushing our teeth immediately after meals. Therefore, Dr. Trotter advises you to brush at least 3 times a day and to floss before bedtime. This can prevent plaque buildup, most especially around the area of your dental bridges.

Take Regular Deep Cleaning Treatments at your Dentist

You might say, “Why do I need to take deep cleanings when I brush and floss my teeth properly every day?” The answer to this question is simple. Deep cleanings are necessary because plaque can easily stick to hard-to-clean areas of the teeth. Your molars, for one, have irregular grooves that can easily trap bacteria. Plaque adheres to all sides of your teeth and may remain hidden from your view. That is why regular, bi-annual deep cleanings are essential.

Choose What you Eat

Dental bridges are known to be highly durable, but they can get damaged when you consistently eat hard and sticky foods. Candy apples and nutty caramels are examples of hard and sticky foods that can strain and eventually damage your dental bridges.

Avoid the Habit of Using your Teeth as a Tool

Using your teeth as a tool is not on the list of a tooth’s function. If you have this bad habit of using your teeth to open plastic packaging, stop it right away. This bad habit places your teeth under extreme pressure; thus, causing dental bridges wear and tear quickly.

Visit your Dentist Regularly

It’s not a good idea to put off seeing the dentist, even if you think there’s no problem. The dentist needs to check your teeth for potential problems and also needs to monitor dental restorations and bridges. By seeing a dentist regularly, you can get the appropriate treatments when a problem is detected. This prevents dental problems from worsening and maintains the good health of your teeth and gums. Dental bridges are an investment for the functionality and aesthetics of your smile. If you want your bridges to stay in good condition, seeing the dentist regularly is of utmost importance.

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