Teeth Cleaning  in Sevierville TNOral health is wealth. It saves you from the trouble of a toothache and taking costly and complex dental treatments. It also contributes to better physical health. Did you know that heart disease and stroke have been traced to unhealthy teeth and gums? Ingested bacteria from the mouth can lead to heart disease, high blood pressure and many other serious illnesses. Keeping the teeth clean and healthy is very important for your oral and physical well being.

How is teeth cleaning done effectively? Let’s discuss the 2 ways to keep your teeth clean and healthy.

  • Practice proper tooth brushing and flossing. This means taking the time to brush your teeth after every meal and ensuring that proper brushing techniques are used. A combination of upward, sideways and circular strokes can effectively remove plaque on all surfaces of your teeth. Dr. Trotter advises you to brush for at least 2 minutes each time. What you can do is to divide your mouth into 4 quadrants and brush each quadrant for 30 seconds. Brush and floss the right way so that bacteria won’t settle on your teeth.
  • Take professional teeth cleaning treatments. This is a simple chair-side procedure available at your trusted dentist. Dr. Trotter recommends that you take teeth cleaning treatments at least twice a year to maintain good oral hygiene. While brushing and flossing are important, professional teeth cleaning ensures that plaque doesn’t build up on hard-to-clean areas of your mouth. Professional teeth cleaning treatments are fast, simple and painless. You get all the gain without the pain and discomfort.

What Happens During Professional Teeth Cleaning?

Professional teeth cleaning is often recommended before you take any restorative or cosmetic enhancement procedure. The entire process essentially involves the removal of plaque so that decay, gum disease and many other dental problems are prevented.

The dentist uses different dental instruments during a teeth cleaning session. The ultrasonic instrument is a device used to knock off tartar or hardened plaque. This device goes around your teeth to loosen up tartar that may have accumulated on your teeth for some time. Once the tartar has loosened up, the dentist switches to hand tools like the tooth scaler, to manually remove smaller deposits on your teeth.

Once plaque has been removed on all tooth surfaces, the dentist polishes the teeth for a smooth, satiny finish. Polishing is done using a device with a soft rubber cup that spins around the teeth. This device is used together with a special toothpaste, so your teeth become smooth and shiny.

Finally, your dentist may apply fluoride on your teeth to keep them strong and healthy. Fluoride comes in many flavors like cherry, mint, chocolate and strawberry. It tastes good while being great for your teeth!

Choose to Have Healthy Teeth and Gums

Teeth cleaning can be done two ways: brushing and flossing after meals, as well as having professional teeth cleaning. Take the time to keep your teeth clean and you will be rewarded with healthy teeth and gums.

For professional teeth cleaning in Sevierville, TN, visit Dr. David Trotter. His practice is located at 949 Dolly Parton Parkway. You may schedule an appointment online or call at (865) 453-2890.

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