Dentures Sevierville TNIt is normal to feel uncomfortable when you first begin using dentures. Dentures are new to your mouth; hence, you will experience slight gum irritation and difficulty in speaking and eating. However, as you wear your dentures every day, you will get accustomed to having false teeth in your mouth. Soon enough, your dentures will feel very comfortable; it will feel as if they’ve always been a part of you. Here are helpful tips to help you get used to wearing dentures.

  • Sleep with your dentures in place when using them for the first time. This will greatly help you adjust to your new false teeth. The mouth identifies dentures as a foreign object; hence, wearing it while you sleep can give you a head start in the adjustment phase. Take note that this is the only time that you are advised to sleep with your dentures.
  • Speak a lot with your dentures. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. What better way to get adjusted well to speaking with dentures than to speak a lot, more than your usual verbal chatter. This is a good time to talk often with your pet or read the newspaper out loud. Practice speaking challenging words and phrases, and soon enough, you’ll be speaking more comfortably and clearly with your false teeth.
  • Take it easy on eating. Since you’re new to having dentures in your mouth, you are advised to eat soft foods and avoid those that are difficult to chew. Foods that are sticky must, likewise, be avoided as this can adhere to your dentures. Take small bites during meals and chew your food slowly. Try to use both sides of your mouth when chewing food for balance and symmetry. In time, eating with your dentures will become a breeze.
  • Take advantage of a dental adhesive. This is a product used to keep your false teeth in place and help you get through the adjustment phase. Keeping dentures stable is a common concern of first-time denture users. Thus, dental adhesives help make your dentures feel more stable and secure when you eat, speak or smile.

Be Patient yet Determined

Wearing dentures for the first time can be a trying experience for some patients. Lower dentures, most especially, can be quite a challenge because they have the tendency to budge and move more than upper dentures. With the above techniques combined with determination and patience, adjusting to your false teeth will happen soon than you know. In time, any discomfort will subside and you will feel more comfortable with the dentures in your mouth.

Visit Dr. David Trotter for Dentures in Sevierville, TN

We know how it feels when using dentures for the first time. The initial feeling is a combination of discomfort and uneasiness that is very normal since the mouth considers dentures to be a foreign object. However, trust us when we say that you will overcome this stage eventually. We will make every effort to help you get through the adjustment phase as quickly as possible. Dr. Trotter is a trusted, experienced provider of dentures in Sevierville, TN!

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