Dentures Sevierville TNAre you suffering from a missing tooth, if not missing the complete set? If your answer is an unfortunate yes, you won’t have to keep frowning for very long anymore. Dentures will save the day and save your smile. Dr. David Trotter of Sevierville, TN specializes in high quality dentures which look just as life-like as natural teeth. With the help of one of the best dentists in Sevierville, Dr. Trotter, you can be fitted with dentures, which will help reconstruct and bring back the smile which you thought you have lost permanently.

What are dentures?

Dentures are oral prostheses which are made up of gums and false teeth. They are used by individuals who have lost a handful of teeth. There are two types of dentures, complete dentures and partial dentures. Complete dentures are used on individuals who have lost an entire set of teeth from either or both jaws. On the other hand, partial dentures are for those who have only lost a handful of teeth but not the entire set. Dr. Trotter offers both kinds of dentures.

How much do dentures usually cost?

This is a very important issue to almost anyone who is thinking of getting dentures, or even thinking about going for any kind of dental treatment. Regardless of how touchy the subject is, it’s critical that you know exactly how and why dentures are priced the way that they are. There are a couple of factors which play a part as to why dentures cost what they do, including the need for prior extractions, the dental insurance which you have, the complexity of the denture, the type of materials used in making the dentures and the type of warranty which is offered.

There are some individuals who may need dentures even if they still have their natural teeth. It may be that their teeth have become severely decayed and must be extracted as a consequence. In this case, the cost of the extractions will drive up the cost of the dentures that you’ll be getting. Insurance will help defray the cost of your dentures while the sophisticated nature of your dentures, such as partial dentures, may add to the cost. An important factor in getting dentures is the type of material which will be used. Dentures which are made with cross-linked polymer material are more realistic and, obviously, cost more than the plastic-made dentures which notoriously look fake.

How should you pick the right dentist to make your dentures?

When it comes to picking the best person to fabricate your dentures, it always has to do with the experience that the dentist has had in offering dentures to his or her patients. Dr. Trotter can assure that you’ll be happy with the fit of your dentures because he makes a number of wax and or plastic molds which are custom-made to fit your mouth. From these molds, you’ll be able to pick the mold which fits you most comfortably.

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