Teeth Replacement

Get a More Attractive Smile

It’s undeniable that humans place a huge emphasis on physical appearance. In fact, 96% of Americans believe that an attractive smile is the key to appealing to the opposite sex.

However, missing or badly damaged teeth can work in the opposite direction. Don’t let an uninviting smile negatively impact your social and mental wellbeing. Dr. David Trotter offers dentures in Sevierville, TN for patients in need of a healthier, more attractive smile.

How Can I Replace My Teeth?

A denture is a structure that contains artificial teeth. These structures are removable and held in place by gums or by adhesives.

There are two types of dentures: complete and partial.

A complete denture is used when all the natural teeth are missing, whereas a partial denture can be used when only some teeth are missing or extracted. Dr. David Trotter offers both types.

How Do I Know What Replacement is Best for Me?

These kinds of false teeth are an affordable and safe option for many patients. Besides creating a more attractive smile, having missing teeth replaced also helps patients eat and speak properly.

If you are suffering from any of the cases below, removable dental prosthetics may be the right procedure for you.

  •         Missing teeth due to age, cavities, illness or accidents
  •         Badly damaged teeth in need of extraction
  •         Implants or bridges are too expensive or invasive of a procedure

What is the Process?

Dr. David Trotter is committed to helping you feel your best. Getting your new teeth generally takes 3 to 6 weeks and involves several steps.

– Dr. Trotter will examine your oral structures to determine which treatment is right for you. Then he will make impressions of your teeth and mouth. Because your new dental work is custom fitted, these impressions will help to create the most natural, comfortable fit.

– Several wax or plastic molds will be crafted in order for you to try out each fit until you are satisfied with the shape and feel. This step can take several weeks and Dr. Trotter will not be happy until you are 100% satisfied.

– After you choose a mold that is the most comfortable for your mouth and bite, Dr. Trotter will make the final cast to create your new smile.

Is it Hard to Adjust to False Teeth?

After receiving them, the first few weeks will be spent adjusting to living with your new teeth. The muscles in your cheeks and mouth will eventually strengthen to hold them properly in place and keep them from slipping.

Additionally, you may experience an increase in saliva flow to the mouth but this will disappear after the first week or two. Here are several tips on how to adjust to eating and speaking:

Eating. Eating may be difficult during this period. To help with the adjustment process, we recommend cutting your food into tiny, bite sized pieces and avoid hot, hard or sticky foods.

Speaking. Because the muscles in your mouth take time to adjust, speaking properly can be challenging. For the first few weeks, practice repeating difficult words slowly to strengthen the tongue and mouth muscles.

Many of our patients are happy with their decision. Visit our office or call us today to learn more about how to begin the process of receiving your new, natural looking smile!

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