mouth guard Sevierville, TNSometimes, protecting your teeth has to be done literally. A mouth guard, or a mouth protector, is an oral appliance which is worn over teeth in order to protect teeth from friction, as generated when a person has bruxism, as well as any potential damage due to facial injuries. This custom-fitted oral appliance is often prescribed to individuals who wear braces, have bridgework as well as those who want to protect their teeth from trauma when playing sports.

How do mouth guards protect teeth?

In a nutshell, mouth guards protect teeth from any damage by trying to cushion any force, friction or trauma which otherwise would directly impact the tooth and cause damage. For instance, when you’re playing a contact sport like football and you accidentally get hit on the mouth with a runaway ball, the force of that ball will be absorbed by the mouth guard instead of your teeth.

Mouth guards can also be used in order to separate your teeth from your cheeks and other soft tissues in order to prevent any damage which may ensue when you accidentally bite your cheeks.

What are the characteristics of a good mouth guard?

While you can always purchase generic mouth guards which are sold in sporting goods stores, dentists keep on emphasizing to their patients that the best mouth guards are those which are custom-made to fit the contours of your teeth. Dr. Trotter can provide custom made mouth guards in Sevierville, TN.

Furthermore, the other characteristics of a good mouth guard is that it should allow its wearer to be able to talk properly and to breathe without feeling constrained or restricted. At the same time, the mouth guard should fit snugly without being too tight; the mouth guard should stay firmly in place. Usually made of acrylic, a good mouth guard should be durable and it should be easy to clean especially since these oral appliances have to be disinfected and cleaned before and after each use. Mouth guards should be tasteless, odorless and should be comfortable, most of all.

What are the advantages of using a mouth guard?

Aside from the fact that wearing mouth guards help to protect your teeth from any kind of damage, this oral appliance also prevents the ramming of the lower jaw to the skull. The action of the jaw hitting the skull at full speed includes fatal conditions such as cerebral hemorrhage, jaw fractures, concussions and neck injuries.

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