sevierville dentistAdvances in dental technology are a constant. New, state of the art equipment and techniques offer better patient care and comfort. New machines and procedures make patients’ lives easy, not to mention, more convenient than ever. What’s new at the dentist? Well-loved Sevierville dentist, Dr. David Trotter, tells us the high tech dental equipment and techniques available today and how these dental advancements increase patient comfort and convenience.

Digital X-Rays

Trusted Sevierville dentist, Dr. Trotter, says that gone are the days when doctors use conventional x-ray films to get a comprehensive view of a patient’s oral cavity. Nowadays, digital x-rays are used, which are considered faster and more efficient than the traditional versions. These modern x-rays emit the lowest levels of radiation possible, making them very safe for patients.

Digital x-rays are performed with the aid of a computer. First, an electronic sensor is placed inside the patient’s mouth. These sensors capture the images needed by the dentist in a fast, efficient manner. The digital images are then relayed to a computer, where the doctor can get a comprehensive view of the patient’s teeth and gums. Digital x-rays make the doctor’s job easier than traditional x-rays,and making the process more convenient for the patient at the same time. It limits radiation exposure by up to 70% while facilitating better diagnostics. Any good Sevierville dentist should definitely have this equipment if he wants to be on top of his game.

Intraoral Photography

Intraoral photography is another modern diagnostic tool used by contemporary dental offices. It helps the dentist find cavities inside the mouth quickly. It also makes a perfect visual aid when doctors are explaining treatment plans to patients. Intraoral photography is designed to help patients make well-informed decisions about dental care while increasing the doctor’s diagnostic capabilities. Patients of today are fortunate to have this modern diagnostic tool.

Improved Dental Procedures

The constant quest and development of new treatments have given us the benefits of advanced dental procedures. There are now better bonding materials available, thinner veneers that are able to preserve more tooth structure, better gum disease treatments, more tooth replacement options, and more comfortable restorative treatments. There are also faster, better ways to achieve bright white teeth than before. New and improved orthodontic treatments are also available to make tooth straightening as comfortable as possible for the patient.

Dr. David Trotter keeps up with all these changes by taking classes and courses to further improve his skills. He guides and motivates his team to do the same. Dr. Trotter believes that a good Sevierville dentist is one who is in constant pursuit of knowledge, so he can provide excellent dental care to patients.

Both Doctors and Patients Benefit with Dental Advancements

Advances in procedures and technology offer increased precision, accuracy, comfort and convenience for all of us. Dentists are able to perform their jobs better, which then gives the patient more comfort and convenience.

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