Deep Dental Cleaning in Sevierville TNYou brush your teeth after each meal and you even floss before you go to bed. For all intents and purposes, you take care of your dental health very well and you’re extremely conscious of how your teeth and gums look. However, this isn’t enough. While good dental hygiene is a very important cornerstone of ensuring that your dental health remains optimal, you also need professional help, roughly twice each year. This comes in the form of a deep dental cleaning which dentists perform in order to remove calcified plaque and smooth out the exposed dental roots. Dr. David Trotter and the rest of his Sevierville, TN dental team can help maintain, if not improve, your dental health with the help of their dental cleaning services.

What is a deep dental cleaning treatment?

The deep dental cleaning procedure is also known as the dental scaling and planing procedure:

Dental Scaling

The scaling part of the procedure refers to the removal of the calcified plaque, or tartar, which usually form along the gumline, or the junction where your gums meet with your teeth. Tartar is due to plaque which forms on your teeth that have not been removed for at least 24 hours. Plaque is soft, white and can easily be removed via brushing. However, when you miss just a day of brushing your teeth, the plaque can right away calcify and be converted into tartar which can only be removed by your dentist. Tartar is toxic to your gums and cause your gums to undergo inflammation, leading to the development of gum infections such as gingivitis and periodontitis.

Dental Planing

The dental planing procedure refers to the polishing of the exposed dental root where the tartar had once accumulated. Plaque settles in areas of your teeth which are rough, because it’s difficult for them to slip off. In order to prevent the plaque from developing in these areas in the future, the dental cleaning procedure will include a dental planing segment which help to smooth out the exposed dental roots.

What will a deep dental cleaning treatment do for your dental health?

In the case of mild gingivitis, a deep dental cleaning procedure could help to treat the dental condition by removing the source of the irritation. Basically, the main benefit you get from going through a dental cleaning procedure is improving your gum health. Your gums are important in that they keep your teeth planted firmly in place. However, irritation as caused by tartar and plaque can cause your gums to thin out and even jawbones to become destroyed in the process.

How often should you get deep dental cleaning treatments?

Dentists normally prescribe you to have your teeth cleaned twice each year. This will ensure that your dentist gets to check the state of your dental health every so often. Dr. Trotter and his team at Sevierville, TN can fit you in anytime should you decide to get a dental cleaning procedure and help you to preserve your smile for an entire lifetime.

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