Cosmetic Dentistry Sevierville TNA beautiful, movie star smile is what most people aspire to have. However, some are hesitant to get cosmetic dentistry treatments because of various reasons. Some are afraid that the treatments might hurt, while others are concerned about the cost. We, at Dr. David Trotter’s dental practice, want to assure you that cosmetic dentistry is no different from preventive and restorative dental treatments. It just focuses more on the cosmetic aspect of your smile. The goal of cosmetic dentistry is for your smile to improve and for you to have the self confidence to smile more often than you used to. Cosmetic dentistry can give you a positive, life changing experience.

What are the Various Types of Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments?

Cosmetic dentistry entails a range of dental treatments that can fully transform your smile. Dr. Trotter will examine your teeth and then determine the cosmetic dentistry treatment that’s right for you.

Porcelain veneers are ultra thin, tooth colored shells bonded onto the front or visible side of your teeth. Thus, veneers cover various types of tooth imperfections, from chips and cracks to gaps and discoloration. Porcelain veneers mimic the façade of your teeth and are known for their translucent quality. They can reshape, shorten, or lengthen a tooth, making them look absolutely stunning. In as little as 3 appointments, you can have your smile beautifully transformed with porcelain veneers.

Dentures and partials have been known to replace missing teeth for many years. They don’t only complete your smile, but they also improve your bite and speech. Replacing missing teeth is important so that your remaining teeth won’t shift position and cause dental problems like misalignment and gum disease. Dentures and partials are, therefore, essential cosmetic dentistry treatments that complete and make your smile healthy and beautiful.

Dental bridges are another way to replace lost teeth. A bridge is attached to adjacent teeth; thus, completing your smile and enhancing your look. Dental bridges are stable because they’re bonded permanently to adjacent teeth. A bridge can last for many years with proper oral care.

Similar to porcelain veneers are porcelain crowns. Both are made of the same material. The only difference is that crowns completely cap a tooth, whereas veneers only cover the visible side of a tooth. Crowns are also thicker than veneers as they’re made for your front teeth and the molars. Porcelain crowns do not only serve to enhance the look of your teeth, but to provide strength, resilience, and protection. Porcelain crowns are a better option over stainless steel and metal crowns because they are designed to resemble real teeth; thus, giving you a natural-looking smile.

Is Cosmetic Dentistry Worth it?

Some people feel that cosmetic dentistry is unimportant because they think that it mainly addresses aesthetics. However, cosmetic dentistry does more than just that. There are cosmetic dentistry treatments that protect and make your teeth stronger than before while they enhance your smile for the better. Cosmetic dentistry treatments like bridges and dentures also prevent dental problems like gum disease and tooth misalignment. Most importantly, patients who’ve taken cosmetic dentistry feel more confident about themselves. Cosmetic dentistry is, therefore, truly worth it because it makes you look beautiful, encourages you to take care of your teeth, and brings out the best in you. It takes your smile to a whole new level!

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